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Robotics Symposium

Bowie State University Robotics Clinics Coordinator Mr. Nathan Mashabatu is given an award for his work with the students at Eleanor Roosevelt High school.



June 6, 2017


Bowie State University in collaboration with Eleanor Roosevelt High school held their first Robotics Clinics Symposium at the High school on June 6, 2017.


 In a letter to participates, the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs had this to say about this program, “The Robotics Clinics program is an integral activity of Bowie State University’s Education Innovation Initiative (EI2) designed in part to:


 (1) Integrate hands-on, real-world problem solving through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and entrepreneurial approaches and concepts into the classroom curriculum in collaboration with industry/agency partners


 (2) Develop students’ identity as scientists/researchers with the integration of carefully selected support activities that enable students to feel and become a part of a community


(3) Develop partnerships and pilot programs to create and sustain a Pre k-12 STEM pipeline.


This Robotics Clinics Symposium provides the opportunity for Eleanor Roosevelt students to showcase their talent and knowledge particularly in robotics, and more generally in STEM-related fields. In today’s competitive workforce, it is critical that we ensure our students can develop core competencies to be ready for the global economy.”


The Robotics Clinics Program Coordinator, Mr. Nathan Mashabatu, says he is seeing positive results at Bowie State University and Eleanor Roosevelt High School.


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